Alexa and I

I recently purchased my very own robotic personal assistant, she cleans, cooks the dinner and fulfils my every desire. Well maybe one day but at the moment she is locked inside a small cylindrical device referred too as an Echo Dot.

Still to say she is just a voice would be an understatement, she comes packed with skills straight out of the box and has a whole host of skills that can added to her via a mobile phone app.

As soon as I get her out of the box and connected, she is already melting my heart!


Me: “Alexa, beam me up!”
Alexa: “At warp speed Captain, the engines will never take it!”

Me: “Alexa, Party on Wayne”
Alexa: “Party on Garth”


But the fun doesn’t stop there, she can play any songs from Spotify and Amazon Music! Downside here is the kids see this as an invitation to play their own songs. If you would like my remedy to this I would recommend using the phone app to play loud scary music every time they request their annoying songs to be played, I prefer a nice Slipknot number to put the fear of God in them!

By far my favourite thing to do is write my own skills for Alexa. I like to make her dish out insults, talk nonsense and also to tell me how bad my work load is for the day. I plan to write a skill which will allow Alexa to post to WordPress for me. This should be fun!!

If you would like an echo you can get them from Amazon here

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